Application Software Inc. ( ASI )  is a well established computer solutions company, specializing in systems for Union affiliated Organizations.  ASI has been the leading supplier of membership accounting and referral systems for labor unions for over 22 years, currently having implemented systems in hundreds of union locals and affiliates throughout the US and Canada.

Our products are designed to work in organizations of all sizes from the smallest of locals to the largest. Our current Local X system was developed to be easily configured to meet the needs of any type of local union with special considerations for construction labor unions.   ASI maintains each of our clients systems, keeping them not only up-to-date with the ever changing requirements of all Internationals but also customizing the software to specifically meet the needs and variances of each Local Union.

Simplicity is also our main focus at ASI. This system is extremely user friendly, having been developed for individuals who have little or no computer experience. Anyone can easily master the system.

ASI is based in Dayton, Ohio and can provide complete consulting services for unions as well. We have a vast amount of experience in not only meeting compliance in all area of membership and dispatch but knowing a multitude of things that can be implemented to make your union hall run more effeciently and with less cost.